from by VILE ACT



You kneel to your selfish needs
You kneel to exploiting deeds
You kneel to the shallowness
You kneel to unearned richness

You kneel to the moral emptiness
You kneel to a world of mess
You kneel to the easy way out
You kneel

No pressure, no need for character
No patience to build, just eliminate guilt
Forget that you'll be held accountable for this shit
Spit on all we built by acting like this is it

Kneel into the ease they use to lure
Kneel into that cop-out careless cure
Infinite ways to infinite progress
You say it's too much, the struggle's not our mess

You're fucking wrong


from DEMO 17, released February 9, 2017



all rights reserved


VILE ACT Malmö, Sweden

drums - linus
vocals - mona
bass - kalle
guitar - magnus

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