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released February 9, 2017




all rights reserved


VILE ACT Malmö, Sweden

drums - linus
vocals - mona
bass - kalle
guitar - magnus

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The more that die the more you're true
The more they lie the more you do
The words are there but what's to read
Kill those who killed, it's what they did

Purpose, no matter the means
Try a life with no meaning

They think you think it's God that saves
Revenge and payback, hatred paves
Nevermind your putrid ways
Only mind they pushed you away

You know no home but hate

Living in the world that destroyed yours
No hopes at home, nothing out the doors
You see white fists stained red with blood
They need to know, as they fucking should

No justice in what you do
You became what made you
Track Name: RESTLESS
Heavy are the steps im taking
Driven by a fear of breaking
If i stop i lose my line
Always wasting fucking time

Every time i stop to breathe
Stagnant feelings, no release
All i find is uselessness
Nothing there but restlessness

Sense of purpose all in place
Working hard but there's no trace
Thought i might’ve been someone
Am i doing or am i done?

Restless but not moving
Trying but not doing
Thinking but not feeling
I am sick of fucking kneeling
Fuck this
Track Name: STAY AWAY
Fuck your righteous attitude
Your twisted self needs to elude
You act like it's the nicest thing
But all there is is shit you bring

Delusional manipulation
Lies lies lies and provocation
I said fuck off right to your face
So get the fuck out of my space

This grudge is not for me to hold
All this shit is getting old
If i had some time to waste
It wouldnt be on giving you a taste

You're just problems i dont need
I don't care how you proceed
I'm not out to destroy you
My time is not for you

Nothing is in black or white
Act like we know wrong from right
I forgive and I forget
Just know that you're full of shit
Track Name: KNEEL
You kneel to your selfish needs
You kneel to exploiting deeds
You kneel to the shallowness
You kneel to unearned richness

You kneel to the moral emptiness
You kneel to a world of mess
You kneel to the easy way out
You kneel

No pressure, no need for character
No patience to build, just eliminate guilt
Forget that you'll be held accountable for this shit
Spit on all we built by acting like this is it

Kneel into the ease they use to lure
Kneel into that cop-out careless cure
Infinite ways to infinite progress
You say it's too much, the struggle's not our mess

You're fucking wrong
Track Name: FIRE
They force the dirt
In under our nails
The wrong succeed
When all else fails
If we stay hurled
We'll pay the price
Of an escaping world
Turned to ice

But we are fire

They force the dirt
In under our nails
The wrong succeed
When all else fails
Let it happen
Let them win
What does it matter
Die in passive sin

Everyone suffers
No one gives a shit
Fortune favours the bold
But no one is it

You owe life more than it owes you
Track Name: VILE ACT
Born headfirst screaming into shit
Told to live aint into it
Act like you are all alone
Sanctimonious self-made throne

You might try but you come first
Whats to say youre not the worst
Stupidity's your joyous pact
Nothing but a vile act

Vile act
Vile act
Vile act

Nothing but a vile fucking act
Track Name: PATRIOT
Hostile values winning space
Human values based on race
This is not what we stand for
“Du gamla du fria”, you locked the door

Fuck your yellow
Fuck your blue
Fuck your country
And fuck you too
Fuck you too

Fuck your values
Fuck your views
Humans aint your fucking game
To run and rule

Fuck your values
Fuck your views
Humans aint your fucking game
To forget, with last years news

Fuck your views
And fuck you too